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Airbus Product Announcment

September 2016

Our New Airbus Compatible Product Line

New Airbus Product Showcase

Aerobind is now your provider for the 11 and 22-hole Airbus compatible checklist products you need. Not only do we offer the products you already purchase, we have developed our own alternative products like hole punches and divider tabs to meet any need or usage volume. As with all Aerobind products, there is no minimum order quantity, and all products ship anywhere in the world at low prices.

Read on and find out which new products are best for your application.

Aerometal Binders & Aerobinder II Nylon Binders

Covers in Four Colors With Attached Pockets

Cardstock Divider Tabs & Tear Resistant Synthetic Tabs

Heavy Duty Manual Paper Punch & Industrial Electric Paper Punch

Aerobind Offers Airbus Compatible Products in 11 and 22 Hole Patterns

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