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A4 and A5 Products

March 2015

Checklist U

David Downing: Product Specialist

A4/A5 Product Chart

In this inaugural edition of “Checklist U” we are going to show you the best way to choose the correct A4 or A5 component for your pilot checklist.

View the table here

We have developed a table that uses your QRH’s text thickness and page size to help you choose the best binder and cover combinations for your checklists.

By Design

Ben Heller: Product Design

Designed for A4

This time in “By Design” we are going to talk about how much of a difference a 12 or 13 ring binder can make to your A4 sized QRH.

One of the product design challenges for a company based primarily on the USA 8.5 inch and 11 inch page formats was how to properly support an A4 binding side, which is 297mm (11.79 inch for our US readers) in length.

Typically, customers have used 11-ring binding for A4 checklists. While this is perfectly functional and supported by our 11-hole product line, we recommend our 12 and 13-hole product lines designed for A4 pages. Centering 11 rings on a 297mm page leaves approximately 35mm of space on both sides of the binder and can cause the pages to flop at the top and bottom corners. For this reason, we find that the extra one or two rings provide much needed support, allowing for quicker access in the cockpit.

Binder dimensions

As you can see, the 12th and 13th rings extend farther to the edge, and make page turning a little easier than an 11-Ring binder on the same checklist. Our A4 products were designed with the same standards as our 11-hole products, so you can expect our same commitment to quality across all our offerings.

In conjunction with our new 12-hole checklist cover, (180mm x 310mm), our 12 hole AERAD and Aerobinder II product lines make the perfect addition to your A4 checklists.

Our A4 compatible products can be found here

Designed for A5

For A5 checklists, Aerobind offers a full line of 7-ring products, including plastic covers, sheet protectors, binders, and our new A5 paper punch. We also have a line of 10 hole binders, covers, and sheet protectors that are compatible with A5. We recommend choosing the binders and checklist supplies that are the best fit for your documents by visiting page size table here.

Our 7-ring product line is more expansive and offers more resources for printing and binding your own checklists in-house, while our 10-hole products are perfectly suited for anyone already using a 10-hole pattern or has access to OEM supplies in a 10-hole format.

Our A5 compatible products can be found here

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