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Aeroflex Checklist Ring Product Announcement

November 2016

Aerobind Product Announcement: Aeroflex Checklist Rings

See the New Aeroflex™ Checklist Rings in Action

Aerobind has provided binders and other QRH supplies for years. But we’ve never released a binding system in a single-ring configuration. Until now.

We have developed our own checklist rings with a braided stainless steel core and a locking clasp. We test each ring to ensure quality and prevent FOD, which means you can trust our rings in any environment. The Aeroflex can be purchased in bulk or in individual quantities through the Aerobind website.

See the brief video above, or click the links below to learn more about Aerobind’s latest product and order the Aeroflex checklist ring today!

The US Military Approved Checklist Ring

Our new Aeroflex checklist rings are available in three standard sizes so they will fit almost any binder. We offer bulk discounts for large orders and we are approved for government orders as well. See the link below and find the right ring diameter for you.

Aeroflex Checklist Rings

Aerobind Products Now on Amazon

Find the Aeroflex on

We also offer the Aeroflex on in pre-packaged quantities for additional convenience. Ship the Aeroflex straight from Amazon with Prime shipping!

Aeroflex 5 Inch Checklist Ring
Aeroflex 6 Inch Checklist Ring
Aeroflex 7 Inch Checklist Ring

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