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Custom Pilot Checklist Printing Services & Embraer QRH Products

April 2018

Aerobind Solves a Regional Airline’s Checklist Problems

Case Study and Product Showcase

This month, we wanted to highlight our custom printing services, and how we used our printing and product expertise to solve a QRH issue for one of our Embraer customers.

See how Aerobind used years of experience and innovative products to solve an airline’s problems with its ERJ-145XR checklists

Rigid Covers, AERAD Binder

Problem: Torn Tabs, Book Too Large for Storage

Large Covers, Aeroflex Rings

Solution: Wider Flexible Covers and Flexible Aeroflex Rings

Custom Checklist Case Study

When one of Aerobind’s customers called about a durability issue with their Embraer QRH, we had exactly what they needed to solve it. 

Due to continuous use, this regional airline explained that their QRH divider tabs were eventually becoming torn and unusable. They needed a way to protect the tabs so they didn’t need to replace them all the time. In addition, we couldn’t increase the QRH’s overall size, because as the chief pilot explained, “we suspect damage is also caused by pilots repeatedly jamming and forcefully removing their QRH from pilot checklist storage area. If we could also find a way to decrease the QRH’s thickness, this would be ideal.” 

Our solution was simple, extend the width of the covers by at least 1 inch. By extending the covers well past the tabs, we could prevent damage during the QRHs insertion and removal from storage. In order to reduce the overall pilot checklist thickness, we suggested collapsable rings. More specifically our military style Aeroflex pilot checklist rings, a solution the US military uses every day for their pilot checklists.
After reviewing a printed sample, the customer ordered 70 custom printed checklists from Aerobind’s custom product team. After delivery and heavy use in the field, we were happy to hear back from the chief pilot, “this seems to have solved our problem.”

You can bring us the toughest pilot checklist issues you might have. Chances are we’ll have a solution for you.

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Embraer Compatible Products

If you need to find the perfect products to update your Embraer compatible manuals, we have a brand new way to find them. Visit our Embraer OEM Page to see a full suite of products available for your ERJ QRH, E-Jet Checklist, or other 11 hole Embraer compatible manual.

See All Embraer Compatible Products

11-Ring Product Showcase

Aeroflex Checklist Rings

Want a flexible but durable alternative to plastic rings? The Aeroflex checklist ring is specifically designed and hand tested to handle over 20 pounds of force! Trust your QRH to the same rings trusted by the US military.

Order Aeroflex Checklist Rings

Flexible QRH Cover

Our flexible checklist covers make pages easy to read and keep your QRH protected. These covers are especially  beneficial for use in a glass cockpit since their smooth finish won’t scratch the panels.

Order Flexible Checklist Covers

Synthetic Index Tabs

If you need an even more tear-resistant and durable checklist, consider organizing your manuals with Aerobind’s synthetic divider tabs. If you need a configuration other than the stock options, we can print custom sizes and hole patterns for any application.

Order Synthetic Divider Tabs

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